Sikkim floods: 14 dead, 102 missing

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In the northern Indian state of Sikkim, Meghbhanga (cloud burst) downpour near Lonak Lake resulted in flash floods in the Teesta River that submerged 70% of the surrounding land. Due to the torrential rains that resulted in flash floods, 14 civilians have died, and 102 people, including 22 soldiers, are still missing.

American media This information was provided by NDTV in a report regarding a government official on Thursday.A government official reported the collapse of 14 bridges.

In various locations around the state, more than three thousand visitors are trapped. Sikkim floods about The Sikkim government has termed the disaster a disaster.The army announced on Wednesday night that one of the 23 troops who were missing from Bardang near Singtam town had been found. He is sound.

Dikchu and Singtam in the Gangtok district and Rangpo in the Pakyong district both reported injured and missing people. More than 25 patients have been admitted to different medical facilities. The state government has asked the federal government to send three more National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) platoons to help with the flooding.

Delhi has already given its blessing. In the towns of Rongpo and Singtam, an NDRF platoon is engaged in rescue and relief efforts. In Singtam, Rangpo, Dikchu, and Adarsh Gaon, the state government has also established 18 relief camps.

Sikkim floods for Tuesday night saw a lot of rain fall in Sikkim. Following significant rains on Lonak Lake in North Sikkim, the Teesta River’s water level increased multiple times. Due to bad weather, administration has issued a maximum alert for residents.

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