Standard of living of 4 crore people in the country is like that of people in Europe: Commerce Minister

Standard of living of 4 crore people in the country is like that of people in Europe Commerce Minister My News Bangladesh

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi has claimed that the standard of living of 4 crore people of the country is like that of European people. He said that among the 170 million people of our country, the purchasing power of 40 million people is equal to the people of Europe. These 4 crore people can buy good products at affordable prices.

The Commerce minister said these things while addressing the chief guest at the opening ceremony of the 18th National Furniture Fair on Tuesday (October 17). The Bangladesh Furniture Industry Owners Association (BFIOA) organized the fair at the International Convention City of Bashundhara in the capital. The biggest event of the domestic furniture industry will continue till October 21.

Tipu Munshi said that several raw materials used in the manufacture of furniture are not produced in the country. must be imported. Against this, various duties have to be paid. The Commerce minister said about the duty exemption for industries, ‘We have to import several things. If you import and export them, you will not get competitiveness. This should also be seen. These issues have been discussed. As opposed to the amount that will be exported, the amount of raw material that will be imported, they want the benefit of the bond. It is possible. Here is the Vice Chairman of the Export Development Bureau, we have discussed in detail how to find a way out of this, so that imports increase.

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