Strikes and blockades are draining the economy: Minister of Planning

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MA Mannan, minister of planning, stated, “The strike-blockade is severely impacting the nation’s economy. It is possible that those instigating political unrest in Bengal have forgotten that their people fought for independence. We shall, if required, persist in our endeavor for progress under the guidance of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

On Sunday morning, he made these remarks at the inauguration of the academic program in the newly constructed Bangabandhu Medical College Sunamganj building.

In reference to the state of the market, the Minister of Planning stated, “It is indisputable that prices are escalating for everything in the country.” Additionally, there are justifications for the increase in price. It will not be explained in this section. However, it is crucial to bear in mind that individuals’ incomes have grown. ‘The government is attempting to exert market control.’

“One hundred percent of the electoral environment in the country has not yet been established,” he stated. Upon observing the field, it becomes apparent that between 80% and 90% of the existing environment has been man-made. Nonetheless, as the election approaches, public enthusiasm will intensify. Voting will be centralized in the center of the nation. They will reinstate the administration of development, the Awami League.

Addresses were delivered by the Sunamganj District Commissioner Didare Alam Mohammad Maqsud Chowdhury, the Municipal Mayor Nader Bakht, and the Superintendent of Police Mohammad Ehsan Shah.

Minister of Planning

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