Surgery Reveals 100 Items in Patient’s Stomach

Surgery Reveals 100 Items in Patient's Stomach My News Bangladesh

A 40-year-old Indian patient developed high fever and abdominal pain after a couple of days of nausea.Then yesterday he was admitted to Medicity Hospital in Moga, Punjab. The doctors were surprised by his surgery.The doctors found Surgery Reveals 100 Items in Patient’s Stomach.

They found around 100 objects including earphones, washers, nut-bolts, wires, rakhis, lockets, buttons, hairclips, zipper tags, marbles and safetypins inside the patient’s stomach.
Doctors first ask for an X-ray scan to find out the cause of the abdominal pain. According to the examination report, some metal objects were stuck in his stomach. After that the surgery went on for about three hours yesterday. About 100 items were recovered from his body.

Azmir Kalra, director of that hospital, said, I have never seen such an incident before. The man had been suffering from stomach problems for the past two years. All metal objects were removed from his body. But his condition is still not stable. Those objects were in the patient’s stomach for a long time. Due to this he has seen other health problems.

Source: NDTV

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