Surviving Electrocution: Child Loses ‘Mother-Father-Sister

Surviving Electrocution_ Child Loses 'Mother-Father-Sister

Miraculously, baby Hossain survived. A young man named Anik rescued her from the water after splashing from her mother’s lap. Later, while trying to save Hosai’s sister Lima, Anik also died of electrocution.Baby Hossain is currently being looked after by a woman named Amena Begum. Residents of three Jhilpar slums.

Also the rain of Hijra community helped to save the baby Hossain. It was this rain that took Hossain to Dhaka Medical College Hospital around 12:30 PM.

Dhaka Medical College Hospital Police Camp Incharge (Inspector) Bachchu Mia said that the child was rescued from the scene where four people were electrocuted in Mirpur and brought to the hospital in the rain around 12:30 am. The child is fine. After the treatment, Hossain was discharged around 4 am.

Amena Begum came to Mirpur Model Police Station with baby Hossain on Saturday morning. There he narrated to the media about the survival of the child Hossain.

He said, when Hossain’s mother got electrocuted and fell into the water, Hossain fell from her mother’s lap and fell into the water. At this time, Anik immediately came and lifted Hossain from the water and gave him to me. Later I took her to my house and gave her first warm body oil.

Then he was taken first to Suhrawardy Medical College Hospital. From there the doctor asked to take Hossain to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. He was taken there for the night and after the treatment in the morning the doctor said that Hossain is now healthy. Later I came to know that Hossain’s grandfather and grandmother are in Mirpur Model Police Station, then I came here.

A seven-month-old child fell into the floodwaters due to heavy rains in front of Jhilpar Basti in Mirpur Haji Road of the capital on Thursday night. Child Hossain was rescued from the scene where four people were killed by electrocution.

A video of Hossain being dragged by his legs has gone viral on social media. In the video, it is seen that someone is holding the injured Hossain’s leg and pulling him up.

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