Taiwan conducts military drill at main airport

Taiwan conducted an anti-aircraft landing drill at its main international airport for the first time yesterday, simulating the repulsion of an invading force as China ramps up military pressure to force the island to accept its sovereignty.

The drill at the island’s main Taoyuan international airport was part of Taiwan’s main annual Han Kuang exercises that My News Bangladeshted on Monday, focusing on protecting its infrastructure.

Six helicopters including Apache attack helicopters and some 180 soldiers took part in the drill to simulate the repulsion of an enemy force who had seized control of air traffic control facilities at the airport, the defence ministry said.

Soldiers carrying rifles were seen running on the runway to fight off enemy forces being dropped off by the helicopters. Shortly, a soldier waved Taiwan’s national flag on a jet bridge, signalling their victory.

Overseeing a separate drill in the northern city of Taoyuan simulating physical and cyber attacks on an oil refinery, President Tsai Ing-wen said Taiwan must boost its resilience in the event of an emergency.

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