Tapas and Bubli are in love!

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In a Facebook status on Friday (November 3) midnight, Munni wrote, ‘Taaps and Bubli are making love. The way Bubli broke Apu Biswas’s family, mine is also breaking. Shakib Khan was blackmailed and became an inmate. Now his goal is tapas. If something like this happens to me, it will be the responsibility of Tapas and Bubli.’

However, the post was soon deleted. The reason for this is said to have been done by hacking Munni’s Facebook. Not only that, Bubli is going to act in the upcoming movie of Gun Bangla’s subsidiary TM Films, this incident has been done out of jealousy. Such is the claim of a source in Gunbangla.

Meanwhile, Farzana Munni was contacted about whether Facebook was really hacked or not, but she did not pick up the phone. A source said that Munni is mentally disturbed.

However, another source of Gunbangla says, ‘A movie is being made with Bubli in front, it is a huge project of TM Films, behind which many people have entered into a deep conspiracy against Tapas and Munni.

Shabnam Bubli will be available under TM Films banner. Actress Parimony and Bubli will be seen together. The name of the film is ‘Khela Hobe’. The director of the film is Tanim Rahman Anshu.

Tapas and Bubli

Tapas and Bubli Tapas and Bubli

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