Teacher Forces Muslim Student to Slap Classmates in India with Video

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The occurrence of the torture of a Muslim student within a school setting has incited a significant amount of criticism within India. As per the directive of a teacher in Muzaffar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh, the remaining students within the class proceeded to individually administer slaps to the eight-year-old child.

As soon as the video was released on social media, it was criticized. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi also expressed his anger in this incident. News from Hindustan Times.

This incident happened last Thursday at Neha Public School in Muzaffar Nagar, Uttar Pradesh. In the video that went viral, teacher Tripta Tyagi is seen ordering eight-year-old Muslim student Mohammad Altamas to be beaten up. Then one by one the students slapped that Altamas.

In the video, the teacher is heard saying, I told you before, Muslim kids, get out of here. Muslim mothers do not pay attention to their children’s education. As a result, boys and girls are easily spoiled.

The family alleges that the school student was victimized for being a Muslim. However, the victim’s family does not want to file a case. The Muslim student’s father said, “My son has been victimized.” But I don’t want to file a case on this..

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He also said that a compromise has been made by the school authorities. Said, it has been agreed that I will not litigate. Will not send son to that school again and they will refund the school fees.Click here to see the statement of the victim Muslim student’s father

Meanwhile, politicians from different levels of India have strongly condemned this incident. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi condemned and said that this incident will spread the spirit of division among children.

A place as sacred as a school has been turned into a factory of communal hatred. The teacher has done the most hated job as a teacher. Priyanka Gandhi and socialist leader Akhilesh Yadav also condemned.

Muzaffarnagar Superintendent of Police (City) Satyanarayan Prajapat said in a statement on Friday (August 26) that the video has been taken into account. This incident has been reported to the local education officer. Departmental action will be taken against that teacher.

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