Test run of Matarbari power plant starts

Test run of Matarbari Coal-Fired Power Plant in Moheshkhali upazila of Cox’s Bazar has begun today.

Abul Kalam Azad, the project director, inaugurated the trial production of 600-megawatt unit, the first unit of the plant, around 12 pm.

The test was conducted by diesel with up to 150-megawatt capacity, Azad said.

“We will shut the unit after running the test for 24 hours tomorrow. After the success of the test with oil, we can confirm when production with coal will be done,” he added.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is expected to officially launch the first unit in December, he added.

The combined production capacity of the power plant is 1200 MW, and it is expected to go on full scale production from April 2024.

So far, a total 3.90 lakh tonnes of coal has been in the stock at the plant. Each unit needs 5,000 tonnes to run the plant in full capacity, the official said.

Moreover, around 70 percent work of the second unit has been completed, he added.

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