The Chhatra League engages in combat in Chittagong.

The Chhatra League engages in combat in Chittagong My News Bangladesh

During the admissions procedure for new students, two factions of the Chittagong Mohsin College Chhatra League got into a brawl. The BCL leaders countered that this incident was merely a misunderstanding among the average students.

On October 4th, in the late afternoon, this incident took place. Several Mohsin College Chhatra League factions allegedly invited the freshmen admitted to class 11 to join their organization. The heads of the two College Chhatra League sections began to argue at this point. Following that, a brawl between the two parties’ leaders and activists broke out.

Around lunchtime, there was a commotion at Mohsin College, according to Chowkbazar Police Station OC Manjur Quader Majumder. The force was dispatched to the area after obtaining the information. Right now, everything is normal and under control. No significant incidents happened.

College Chhatra League convener Kazi Naeem asserted that none of the Chhatra League leaders were involved in the incident. Fights between students frequently center on private matters. It is a personal issue.
According to him, the college was now processing the documents of recently admitted pupils.

There will be visiting students. Neither party is familiar with the other. At one time as they were conversing, there was a misunderstanding. There was a dispute at this time. Contradiction is not necessary in this instance.

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