The government’s decision to import potatoes

The government's decision to import potatoes My News Bangladesh

Although the production and supply of potatoes in the country is sufficient, the government has decided to import them as they are being sold at abnormal prices in the market without any logical reason. The Ministry of Commerce decided on Monday (October 30) to allow the import of potatoes to increase the supply of potatoes in the market and to keep the price stable considering the current situation of not selling potatoes at the price set by the government.

On September 14, Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi discussed with the Ministry of Agriculture and fixed the prices of three products including potatoes. Traders are instructed to sell at Tk 26-27 at cold storage level and at Tk 35-36 at retail level. At that time, Tipu Munshi directed the Ministry of Commerce, National Consumer Protection Directorate, District Administration and other related organizations to monitor whether potatoes are being sold in the market at the fixed price. But it is reported that potatoes are not being sold at any stage in cold storage and retail at the fixed price.

Apart from this, the Ministry of Commerce claims that some quarters are involved in destabilizing the potato market. In this situation, to ensure adequate supply of potatoes in the market and to implement the government’s decision, it has been decided to allow import.In view of this, interested businessmen are invited to apply to the Ministry of Commerce.

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