The United States Will Take Necessary Measures To Support The Democracy Of Bangladesh

The United States Will Take Necessary Measures To Support The Democracy Of Bangladesh My News Bangladesh

The US State Department has said that the United States has asked for a thorough investigation into the violent incidents that took place on the day of the BNP convention in Dhaka on October 28. It has also been reported.

United States State Department spokesman Matthew Miller said this in a briefing on Monday local time.He also called for those responsible for the violent incident that day to be held accountable.

Matthew Miller said in the briefing, ‘We condemn the political violence that took place in Dhaka on October 28. Just as reports of the killing of a police officer, a political activist, setting fire to a hospital and a bus are unacceptable, attacks on common people, including journalists, are also unacceptable.’

He also said, ‘We want the Bangladesh government to thoroughly investigate the events of the October 28 rally and hold those responsible for the violence accountable.’

In response to a question, he said, “The responsibility of organizing free and fair elections is the responsibility of everyone including the voters, political parties, and the government.”Miller also said, ‘The United States will take measures if necessary to support democracy in Bangladesh.’

In response to a journalist’s question stating that the government is monitoring the diplomats of the US Embassy, ​​Miller said, “Our diplomats have to meet civil society, professionals, business leaders, cultural figures, academics, various organizations and individuals. This is part of their regular work and our diplomats will continue to do so.’

On October 28, BNP clashed with the police over a rally in Dhaka. A policeman and a BNP worker were killed in the clash that day and at least 17 journalists who were covering the clash were injured.The United States condemned these violent incidents that night.

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