Theft by day drug use by night time

Theft by day drug use by night time

Theft by day, drug use by night.They were arrested on Sunday night (September 17) from different places and meetings at Mirpur Model Police Station. Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Mirpur Model Police Station Mohammad Mohsin confirmed this information to the media.

The arrested are: Md. Sabuj Sikder (31), Md. Mehdi (32) and Ashraful Haider Chowdhury (41).OC Mohammad Mohsin said that the arrested thief identified as Sabuj and Mehndi. There are 7 cases against Sabuj in different police stations, 5 against Mehdi and 2 against Ashraful. They have a team of 5 including these three. They mainly consume drugs after evening. They steal during the day to collect money for these drugs.

The arrested admitted that they steal once a month, and use the stolen money to consume drugs throughout the month. When the money runs out, he steals again. In this way they have stolen more than half a hundred.

OC said, last Friday (September 15) they stole from a house in Paikpara area of Mirpur Model Police Station. He stole around three lakhs of cash from the house and ran away. After reviewing the CCTV footage, Sabuj, Mehdi were identified. Then they were arrested from Mirpur and Savar on Sunday afternoon and night. 45,000 cash and theft tools were recovered from them.

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