There are six foreign groups which have referred to as for recent elections to be held in Bangladesh

foreign groups

foreign groups: Among the organizations that issued the statement were the following: the Asian Network for Free Elections (ANFREL), the World Alliance for Citizen Participation (CIVICUS), the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH), the Asian Democracy Network (ADN), the Capital Punishment Justice Project (Australia), and the Anti-Death Penalty Asia Network (ADPAN).

In the joint statement, the parties expressed their profound worry over the elections and said that major doubts were raised regarding the ideals of democracy and the respect to international electoral norms. There are several stories and pieces of evidence that demonstrate extensive irregularities both before to and on the day of the election. The suppression of voters and the manipulation of election results are two examples of these practices, both of which pose a significant threat to the basic ideals of democracy.

The platforms of civil society have issued a plea to the international community, urging them to exert pressure for new elections in Bangladesh that are in accordance with the genuine desire of the people of Bangladesh and that embody the ideals of freedom, fairness, participation, and inclusion.

It was said in the statement that the irresponsible repression of opposition voices and the persecution of political dissidents was a cause for concern in the run-up to the elections. An image of a chaotic electoral atmosphere is painted by acts of intimidation, harassment without a warrant, the incarceration of a large number of individuals on the basis of false allegations, and acts of violence committed against opposition leaders and supporters of opposition parties. Because to the tyranny committed by the government, this is now feasible. Government officials and sympathizers of the opposition were taken into custody around the nation by law enforcement.

They demanded that the government of Bangladesh free all of the political dissidents who were being held in jail on the basis of false investigations. In order for people and organizations to be able to freely enjoy their rights to peaceful assembly, association, and speech, an environment has to be established.

It was also said in the statement that there are concerns about the information provided by the Election Commission, which stated that 41.8% of the votes were distributed. Eyewitness stories and reports from voting places located all around the nation present a different image than what was first reported.

foreign groups

foreign groups foreign groups

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