There will not be a fair election under the Awami League government: Mirza Fakhrul

There will not be a fair election under the Awami League government Mirza Fakhrul My News Bangaldesh

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir said that after 52 years of independence we have to think that there will not be a fair election under this Awami League government. Even Pakistan has created a system where elections will be fair. They have set up a caretaker government. Nepal, Maldives have also arranged fair elections. So my question is – why can’t we? Because there is only one Awami League.

He said these things in a commemoration meeting at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Thursday morning. The meeting titled ‘The role of the late Saifuddin Moni in protecting democracy and achieving one-sided demands’ was organized by the nationalist alliance. Mirza Fakhrul said, Awami League is a party that always cheats people. They have no relationship with the people. Before the election they speak nice words to the people, people get attracted to it, unfortunately those people sing songs after the election, if I had known earlier I would not have boarded the broken boat.

Mirza Fakhrul criticized Obaidul Quader’s statement that caretaker government is sleeping forever in Azimpur cemetery, caretaker government will never come in the country. He said, then why did he strike for 173 days? Why did you kill so many people? One goal is to go to power.

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BNP Secretary General said that today, since Awami League knows that if there is a fair election, they will not be able to come to power if the people vote, so they have made the constitution illegal to hold elections under the party government. The current constitution will remain in place during the current parliamentary elections, and will remain in place until the new parliament is formed after the elections. That is, they (Awami League) will remain.

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