Three lipsticks, four sandal changes every day for women: Commerce Minister

Commerce Minister

Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi said, the people of my constituency are not suffering. Women apply lipstick three times a day. Changing sandals four times.

He said this in response to questions from journalists after the National Tariff Policy Monitoring and Review Committee meeting at the meeting room of the Ministry of Commerce on Wednesday (November 8) at noon.

Tipu Munshi said, 20 years ago there were 10 motorcycles in my area. Then I chose first. There are thousands of motorcycles out there today. My area is potato based, agricultural based. People don’t suffer there.

However, the commerce minister mentioned that the situation in the whole country is different. He said, I understand that. Especially those who are day laborers, lower classes in urban areas are suffering a lot.

Meanwhile, at the end of the meeting, the Minister of Commerce said that the demands of the workers have been well met in terms of overtime, various facilities and benefits. 100% increase in salary is not possible.

Commerce Minister

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