Today is the day to honor mother-in-law

Today is the day to honor mother-in-law My News Bangladesh

Mother-in-law is an important person in our life. She is a guardian, like a mother. ‘Mother-in-law Day’ is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of October to honor such a person. As such, today is ‘mother-in-law’s day’.

So you can honor your mother-in-law today. Those who are going to get married can also congratulate the future mother-in-law. Maybe the talk of marriage will be ripe.

You can call your mother-in-law for that. You can sincerely know how he is. It is best if you can surprise him with a favorite food or some favorite gift box.
If he is sick, you can take him to the doctor.

On March 5, 1933, the editor of a local newspaper in Amarillo, Texas celebrated the first Mother-in-Law Day. Later this day was moved to the fourth Sunday of October. But unfortunately history does not reveal the name of that editor.

That editor is the reason why mother-in-law day becomes unforgettable. In the conclusion of a related article, he wrote with respect to his mother-in-law, ‘A woman (mother-in-law) plays a key role in the life of children of both sexes. But he has no holiday of his own.’

She also wrote, ‘It’s Mother’s Day and mother-in-law is my second mother. It would be painful for us not to be able to honor them in that way.’After the writing of the anonymous editor, ‘Mother-in-law Day’ caught the attention of the world.

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