Two farmers were cut and injured

Two farmers were cut and injured

Two farmers were cut and injured.Two people named Ibrahim Akhan (50) and Yasin Akhan (45) were hacked and shot due to a land dispute in Kanibgarchar of Hijla Upazila of Barisal. Relatives brought two people to Lakshmipur Sadar Hospital in critical condition on Wednesday afternoon. Later they were taken to Dhaka Medical College on the advice of the doctor on duty. The injured Ibrahim and Yasin are sons of Muslim Akhan of Kanibgar Char under Hijla police station on Meghna river.

According to the police of Hijla police station, a clash took place between Mizan group and Mithu Chowdhury group at Kanibgar under Hijla police station of Barisal on Tuesday night. It was heard that people from both sides were injured. The place of occurrence is Barisal-Bhola and Laxmipur’s border area of ​​inaccessible char.Hijla Police Station Officer-in-Charge (OC) Zubair Ahmed said, we have heard about the incident. Two injured persons were taken to Lakshmipur Hospital. One of them has a bullet wound on his body. They have been asked to file a written complaint. A complaint will be filed after investigation.

The police official said that there is a long-standing dispute between the Mizan group and the Mithu Chowdhury group in Kanibgarh. Fights and shootings took place between the two groups over the possession of char land. I heard that people from both groups were injured. However, the injuries of Ibrahim and Yasin have been confirmed. Others could not be confirmed. The place is remote. You can’t go there on time.

The owner of the land claimed. Abdullah said, Ibrahim and Yasin cultivate our land. On Tuesday night, around 20 armed men, including Russell Khan, Mintu Khan, Halim Khan, Nasir Sardar, Baker Mridhya and Sohag, attacked Ibrahim and Yasin. During this time they were beaten and injured. At one stage Yasin was injured in the chest.

Kajal Rekha, wife of injured Yasin, said that my cousins ​​Ibrahim and Yasin live in Dhaka. They came from Dhaka on Tuesday night. Immediately after that, Mintu Khan and Russell Khan attacked with a force. My husband Yasin’s two legs were broken by the attackers. They are robbers. Our husband was shot in the chest. My brother-in-law wanted to tear out Ibrahim’s eyes. At one point two people were hacked and injured.

However, it was not possible to talk to the accused including Russell Khan in this regard. Russell’s brother Aman Ullah Khan told the media, “My brother is not involved in the incident.” He was in Bhola Sadar police station area at the time of the incident. It can be confirmed by watching the CCTV footage of the police station. However, he also claimed the injured Ibrahim and Yasin as their men.  

Anwar Hossain, Resident Medical Officer (RMO) of Laxmipur Sadar Hospital said that the injured Ibrahim has injuries on his head, legs and eyes. Yasin has bullet marks on his chest. Both legs seem to be broken. However, the condition of two people is critical. They have been given first aid. They have been sent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for better treatment.

Two farmers were cut and injured

Two farmers were cut and injured Two farmers were cut and injured Two farmers were cut and injured

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