UN cease-fire resolution passed, rejected by Israel

UN cease-fire resolution passed, rejected by Israel My News Bangladesh

The UN General Assembly passed a resolution on the ongoing Israeli-Gaza ceasefire. 120 countries voted in favor of the resolution, which was passed on Friday. 14 countries including Israel and America voted against. And 45 countries abstained from voting.However, Israel rejected the UN General Assembly’s call for a ceasefire.

The country’s foreign minister called the UN initiative “disgusting” in a post on social media.
Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen wrote on social media X (formerly Twitter), “We directly reject the UN General Assembly’s despicable call for a ceasefire. Israel wants to eliminate Hamas, the way the world dealt with Nazis and ISIS.”

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In a speech after the resolution was passed, Israel’s ambassador to the UN, Gilad Erdan, said, “Today is a day that will be remembered as ‘infamous’. We have all witnessed that the United Nations no longer has the slightest claim to legitimacy or relevance.”

“By passing this resolution, the majority of the international community has shown that they prefer to support the law-abiding state of Israel in protecting its civilians, rather than supporting Nazi terrorists,” he added.

Source: CNN

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