Underwater decor?

Christmas Tree worms, discovered within the coral reefs of Saint Martin’s Island, could seem like underwater vacation decorations, however are literally tube-building worms! Broadly distributed all through the world’s tropical oceans, they’re identified to happen from the Caribbean to the Indo-Pacific and discover habitat largely in corals.

The worm’s most distinct characteristic are the 2 brightly colored “crowns” formed like Christmas timber, which are literally specialised mouth appendages. Every spiral crown has feather-like tentacles that assist it breathe and entice meals – usually microscopic vegetation or phytoplankton floating within the water – which they devour by filter feeding.

As these worms are sedentary, as soon as they discover a place they like, they do not wish to budge from there. Nonetheless, when My Information Bangladeshtled, they quickly retract into their burrows to keep away from potential predators. Whereas there aren’t any conservation actions for the Christmas Tree worms, owing to their huge distribution, water air pollution can harm their habitats and shorten their lifespans.

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