Voting stopped if rigged: CEC

Voting stopped if rigged: CEC

Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) Kazi Habibul Awal said that if there is an attempt to rig even one vote, the polling will be stopped immediately.

He said this in an exchange meeting with rival candidates in Barisal on Saturday (December 23) morning. At that time, CEC said, ‘The code of conduct has been strictly controlled. If even a single vote is attempted to be rigged, the vote will be closed. 

Due to various reasons, there has been a debate about the vote. You talked about different countries, about our country. Foreigners have a demand for free, fair and impartial voting. I want to make the national elections successful with the help of the candidates.

Urging the candidates to come out of this belief that there must be irregularities in the polling field, he further said, ‘Returning officer cannot change votes. The results are declared at the center. Candidates can know the result at home. You have to trust the system.’


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