DJ songs at a mosque wedding ceremony ceremony

DJ songs at a mosque wedding ceremony My news bangladesh

The mosque hosted a wedding. A DJ plays music, and there is boisterous dancing. The Egyptians did this. The country’s social media are strongly criticized. Gulf News reported this in the United Arab Emirates.

An incident of this nature is reported to have occurred at the historic Muhammad Ali Mosque. Salah al-Din Fort is nearby.

According to the picture shared on social media, the DJ is dancing in the mosque. There were some women who entered the building without covering their heads. It has been described as an insult to religion by many users on social media. Mosques are considered places of prayer. Singing and dancing are not permitted.

It has been demanded that the organizers of this incident be prosecuted. There has been no official comment on this matter. A historical building in Egypt is the Muhammad Ali Mosque. Designed after the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Turkey, it was constructed in 1616.

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