What Israel is doing in Gaza is ‘genocide’: Erdogan

What Israel is doing in Gaza is 'genocide' Erdogan My News Bangladesh

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly condemned Israel’s siege and bombing of the Gaza Strip. He even called the indiscriminate bombing and killing of Palestinians in Gaza a ‘genocide’.

He said these while talking to members of the ruling AK Party in Parliament on Wednesday. Erdoğan said even war has a ‘morality’ but it has been ‘very gravely’ violated in the ongoing conflict.
Preventing people from meeting their basic needs and bombing civilian homes is not war, it is genocide,” President Erdogan said, referring to the destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure by Israeli strikes, along with cutting off Israel’s electricity and water supplies to the Gaza Strip.

“We are openly opposed to the killing of civilians on Israeli territory,” the Turkish president said. Likewise, we can never accept genocide against defenseless innocent people in Gaza through indiscriminate, incessant bombing.”

President Erdoğan said Israel’s oppressive policies towards the Palestinians are the cause of the ongoing conflict. “Israel should not forget that if they act as an organization and not as a state, they will be seen as such,” he said.

Source: Al Jazeera

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