Why Egypt-Jordan does not want to give shelter to Palestinians this time

Why Egypt-Jordan does not want to give shelter to Palestinians this time My News Bangladesh

The Palestinians-Israeli crisis is going through a tough time. Israel is shelling Gaza in response to Hamas attacks. Israel has asked the people of Gaza, the highest density of settlements in a small area, to move to the other side, even though the Palestinians have far from shelter and basic rights. Conditions in southern Gaza are so inhumane that many are fleeing north.

Israel’s oppression has been going on in the West Bank for a long time.
The Palestinian people in both Gaza and the West Bank are now living in dehumanized conditions, largely in captivity. But none of the countries that border these two parts—Egypt and Jordan—are willing to accommodate these people.

King Abdullah of Jordan said, ‘There are no refugees in Jordan, no refugees in Egypt.

This humanitarian crisis must be dealt with within Gaza and the West Bank. The Palestinian crisis and their future cannot be blamed or attempted.’Why neighboring countries do not want to shelter the people in the inhuman condition of Palestine in their own country?


is the only border with the Gaza Strip of Palestine except Israel. Egyptian President Abdel Fateh al-Sisi has also completely ruled out granting asylum to Palestinians in his country, as has the King of Jordan.

He said, “Egypt rejects any steps to resolve the Palestinian crisis by any military means or forced displacement of Palestinians, which could harm the countries in the region.”
At the same time, the CCAO said, another implication of considering the displacement of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip to Egypt is that “a situation similar to the displacement of the West Bank people to Jordan will occur” and that negotiations for a Palestinian state in Egypt or in the international arena are more possible. will not

In 1978, Egypt was the first Arab country to reach an agreement with Israel after several rounds of war. Since Hamas came to power in Gaza in 2007, along with Israel, Egypt has tightened its border with Gaza. Egypt has had to deal with the activities of various jihadist groups.

Especially since 2013 in the bordering Sinai Valley.
Analysts believe that the strictness is to prevent Hamas from entering Egypt with refugees. Because Egypt does not have the capacity to deal with increased armed group activity.

Hamas was created in the 1980s as the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. The Muslim Brotherhood came to power in Egypt in 2011 but has now been banned. Hamas’s roots in the Muslim Brotherhood are also a matter of concern. Hamas has ties to the current government of Egypt. At one point they were also a channel of communication between Hamas and Israel.

However, Egypt does not want a flood of refugees in its own country. That would require Egypt to take over their responsibility indefinitely, which could become permanent. Egypt’s president suggested keeping Gazan refugees in Israel’s Negev desert near Gaza until Israel’s offensive ends.

No exact number of Palestinian refugees in Egypt is known. It is believed that the number can be like 50 thousand to one lakh. According to the United Nations, there are over 350,000 registered refugees in Egypt, 150,000 of whom come from Syria. Hence Egypt’s fear that once displaced refugees from Palestinian territory enter their country, they will not be able to return to their own territory.

In addition to all these, the teacher and researcher of Turkey’s Hasan Kaliancu University thinks that no matter how much the Israel-Palestine crisis is, the interests of the neighboring countries are important. Murat Aslan. He mentioned Israel’s good relations with Egypt and said, “Israel’s natural gas is liquefied in Egyptian refineries and marketed all over the world.”

It is also likely to increase in the context of the discovery of new gas fields. According to Aslan, ‘Egypt has always been aligned with Israel’s policies.’


Jordan’s border with Palestine is on the West Bank. Like Egypt, Jordan has its own interests. Like gas, the country has to depend on Israel for fresh water.

Dr. According to Murat Aslan, Jordan is dependent on Saudi Arabia, Israel and the United States for aid. “Jordan is an ally of the United States, besides the US and German planes are stationed there,” Aslan thinks that Jordan would prefer to remain silent on the issue of Palestine.

In the context of the latest hospital attack in Gaza, however, the West Bank government of Palestine, including Jordan, and Egypt canceled the meeting with the US president. Arab countries also seem united on the humanitarian crisis. But no one wants to go to the level of direct hostility or war.

But the refugee problem is also a big issue for Jordan. Jordan is at the top of the list of countries where Palestinian refugees take refuge. The number of registered Palestinian refugees there is over two million. This account is from UNRWA, the United Nations relief agency that works with Palestinian refugees. Apart from this, the country has more than 750,000 refugees who came from Syria.

The Jordanian foreign minister said in an interview that the wounds of 1948 and 1967 are still being carried by the refugees of the entire region, so ‘the people of Gaza must be protected inside Gaza.’ This is being said in the context of the people of Palestine once displaced and never regaining their homes.

Jordan, like Egypt, fears that once refugees enter the country, it will be difficult to send them back.

Although Lebanon

does not have a border with Palestine, Lebanon, which has a border with Israel, has also fallen into an uncomfortable situation in this crisis. Currently, an almost war-like situation has developed on Israel’s border with Lebanon’s Hezbollah group. There are fears of what Hezbollah will do in Lebanon.

Lebanon also has a large number of Palestinian refugees. According to the United Nations, the number is about 490,000. Lebanon is already suffering from various economic crises. Due to various internal political conflicts, the country now has no effective government or president. There are also concerns about the activities of various armed groups. In such a situation, Lebanon is not in a position to deal with the loss of Lebanon in the war with Israel or the relocation of Palestinian refugees there.

Even if there are demonstrations in favor of Palestine in the neighboring countries, they can condemn them strongly, Dr. Murat Aslan. According to him, the neighboring countries are ‘not committed to any side and their focus is on their own gains. Therefore, the issue of Palestine is only for Palestine, not for others.

Source: BBC

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