Young girl’s drinking with mother-uncle-girlfriend, death of two girlfriends

Young girl's drinking with mother-uncle-girlfriend, death of two girlfriends My News Bangladesh

Two young girl’s named Parul Akhtar (25) and Sagarika Ahmed (20) died of excessive alcohol consumption in Madaripur. Two others are admitted to the hospital in an ill condition. The two who died are friends.The sick are Sagarika’s maternal uncles Babu (45) and Dalia (42) and mother Sabina Yasmin Panna (45).

The incident took place on the 4th floor of Lutfar Rahman Molla’s house in College Road area of ​​Ward 3 of Madaripur Municipality around 2.30 am on Saturday (October 14).The deceased is the wife of Yad Ali Matubbar of Baligaon area of ​​Parul Dasar upazila and Sagarika is the wife of Mojibur Rahman of Battala area of ​​Madaripur town.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Sadar Police Station Manowar Hossain Chowdhury confirmed the truth of the incident.According to local and police sources, on Saturday night Sagarika Ahmed with her girlfriend Parul Akhtar, mother Sabina Yasmin Panna and uncle Babu drank too much and fell asleep after dancing and singing.

Later, hearing their screams, caretaker of the house, Helal Sardar, ran into the room. At that time Sagarika saw Ahmed lying dead on the floor. Apart from this, Sagarika’s girlfriend Parul Akhter Rupa, Sagarika’s mother Sabina Yasmin Panna and her uncle Babu were rescued by locals and caretakers and taken to the district headquarters hospital where the doctor on duty declared Parul Akhter and Sagarika dead.

Meanwhile, local sources said, Sagarika, her daughter and her brother and uncle rented the house on the first October. On Saturday night, 3-4 more unknown girl came home. This incident happened later. After that, there is no trace of the strangers.

A local named Abedur Rahman said that tools were found inside their house. Initially, it is believed that they got this condition due to excessive drinking.

Sick Sabina Yasmin Panna said, we were drinking alcohol by mistake. I don’t remember anything after that. I opened my eyes and saw that I was in the hospital. They both died.

Riaz Mahmud, a doctor on duty at Madaripur Sadar Hospital, said that four to five girl were admitted here late at night. Two of them have already died. The condition of two others is critical. The rest will be known after the autopsy.

Madaripur Sadar Model Police Station Officer-in-Charge Manowar Hossain Chowdhury visited the spot. He said to investigate and take legal action. I came to know that they organized a liquor party at night. Three of them are being treated in police custody.

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