Zayed Khan’s 4-Hour Hotel Encounter with Scientika

Zayed Khan's 4-Hour Hotel Encounter with Scientika

Zayed Khan’s 4-Hour Hotel Encounter with Scientika: A Fascinating Tale of Mystery and Discovery Popular West Bengal actress Sayantika Banerjee came to Dhaka on August 30 to shoot for a movie called Chayabaaz, directed by Taju Kamrul. It was supposed to be shot till September 12. But without doing that, the actress left for Kolkata on September 7.

Meanwhile, complaints and counter-complaints have been raised about the heroine’s departure without completing the shooting.

In this regard, the producer of the movie, Monirul Islam, said that the dance director, Michael, gave Zayed and Syanthika an hour to change their dresses and have lunch. And the hero and heroine come to the shooting spot after 4 hours. It was not possible to shoot that day. Now the producer’s question – what did Zayed-Syanthika do in the hotel Encounter room for 4 hours?

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The producer said, ‘The hero and heroine went to the hotel at 2.15 pm to change their clothes while shooting the song under the direction of dance director Michael Babu. Come back at 6 pm. Later that day, it was not shot as there was no more daylight. It takes 4 hours to change a dress, I have never seen such a thing. Also, on the day we packed up the shoot and left with the whole unit, the hero and heroine stayed at the hotel. What were they doing there that day? How will they answer this question? I never wanted to bring these words forward. But I couldn’t keep quiet anymore.’

Zayed Khan Denies Hotel Encounter Accusations Amidst Controversy

Zayed Khan told the media on Sunday (September 17) in response to producer Monirul Islam’s question about his stay in the hotel Encounter, that the accusation against him is conspiratorial and purposeful.

He said that producer Monirul Islam should have been professional. Meanwhile, I see in various media that we are being pointedly talked about. This is a poor effort. I was surprised to hear.

Zayed Khan also said that before this, another dance director, Saif Khan left half of the shooting of the song Kalu after arguing with the producer.

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At this time, the actor pointed out some other problems and said that there was a problem with the costume. I bought some matching dresses myself. These are not my works. Still, I did all this for the sake of the movie. Who will decide if the dress is not available while changing it, and what can be its alternative?
Sayantika works at DailyBasis. He said he had sent the payment to the hotel while on that break, But the producer didn’t send it; that’s basically the reason for the delay. It has nothing to do with issues. It is a cycle of trying to turn the tide.

The Taju Kamrul-directed movie ‘Shayabaaz’ has created uncertainty due to the counter-accusations of the actress-producer and the hero.

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