Zia gave political opportunity to war criminals: Prime Minister

Zia gave political opportunity to war criminals Prime Minister My News Bangladesh

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has commented that General Zia gave an opportunity to war criminals to do politics.He said this at the certificate distribution and closing ceremony of the BCS officers’ basic training course at Osmani Smriti Auditorium in the capital on Sunday (October 8) morning. At this time, the Prime Minister taught BCS officials about patriotism and values.

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘You (BCS officials) training should be used for the people of the country. You must be patriotic. Because the money we run, it comes because of the hard work of the farmers. Burnt in the sun, drenched in the rain, they toil for us. So they have to keep that effort in mind. Today I will have only one word, you have to work for the people of the country.’

Pointing out that it is not enough to stay with only one sector in terms of export, he said, ‘Export should be diversified and new markets should be found for it. We have already started working on these issues. Now we are resorting to economic diplomacy.’

The Prime Minister said, ‘We should take care that people get financial prosperity. As we are developing land, ensuring housing for shelters – we need to think about how people can be financially well off.’He said, ‘In addition to preserving food, we must also think about the environment.’

Sheikh Hasina said, ‘Let our every development be sustainable. After the Ukraine war, the sanctions, we are still ahead in many ways. Bangladesh is no longer behind. Once many people said that no development is possible in Bangladesh. It was hard to hear. But later stubbornness was suppressed.

I decided in my heart that I will develop Bangladesh in such a way that everyone can come forward in trade (partnership) with Bangladesh. But now all foreigners ask where is the magic? Then I say, the nation can be improved only by moving forward with specific goals.’

At the end of the speech, the Prime Minister expressed the hope that ‘each of our officers will become jewels’. He said, ‘We want the country to move forward. As much as I have changed people’s fate till today, may it continue.’

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