24 wounded in A.League clashes during Obaidul Quader’s season

24 wounded in A.League clashes during Obaidul Quader's season

During the campaigning for Obaidul Quader, the boat symbol candidate nominated by the Awami League, in the Noakhali-5 (Kompaniganj-Kabirhat) seat in the 12th National Parliament election, a conflict broke out between the two factions of the Awami League.
There were at least 24 persons hurt on both sides of the conflict.There was vandalism committed against three microbuses that were utilized for campaigning, and the connection of the campaign microphone was severed.

Both the pursuit and the confrontation took place on Wednesday evening between the hours of 7:30 and 8:00 p.m.In all, eight of those who were hurt have been sent to the Kabirhat Upazila Health Complex for treatment.

According to the information provided by local sources, Awami League officials and activists arrived to the Bhuiyarhat market with three microbuses and a few motorcycles. They were led by Alabox Taher Titu, who had previously served as the mayor of Kabirhat Municipality, and Abir, who represented the Upazila Jubo League President.After that, he went around and handed out fliers on favor of Obaidul Quader, who was running for the Noakhali-5 seat.Following the distribution of leaflets, passengers from the Bhuiyarhat convened a road meeting in front of the camp and requested votes in support of the boat.

When the boat campaign was being directed by Jasim Uddin Shaheen, the chairman of Batia Union Parishad, there was a disagreement between the leaders and activists of both parties, and then there was a conflict. This occurred during the time period in question.A number of automobiles were vandalized during this time period.

Alabox Taher Titu, the previous mayor of Kabirhat municipality, expressed his displeasure and said that Shaheen, the chairman of Batia Union Parishad, assaulted and barred our leaders and workers from campaigning for Kader Bhai after the distribution of symbols. He continued to say that this occurred after the symbols were distributed.

In addition, he expressed his dissatisfaction by stating that today, we will first distribute pamphlets, kacharihat, and otterhat campaigns in support of boats.During the latter part of the evening, when our leaders and activists had distributed pamphlets in the Bhuiyarhat market, they were giving speeches in which they requested votes from boat voters.When they arrived, his armed men, who were led by Shaheen and shouted slogans in support of Shaheen, began by cutting the cable of our microphone. They then proceeded to brutally beat and hurt our activists, as well as vandalize three of our vehicles.All of our activists suffered injuries as a result of this.

While we were passing Obaidul Quader’s campaign and distributing pamphlets, their leaders and activists began pushing with our people and beating some of them, according to Jasim Uddin Shaheen, Chairman of Batia Union Parishad, who denied the charge. He said that this behavior occurred while we were passing the campaign.As a result of this, four of my leaders and activists sustained injuries.

In a statement, the officer in charge of the Kabirhat Police Station, Humayun Kabir, verified the situation and said that a conflict occurred between the two factions of the Awami League during the election campaign.But as of yet, no one has submitted a formal complaint in writing.

Obaidul Quader

Obaidul Quader Obaidul Quader

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