Ghuchal Hannan regrets 25 years of revaluation of SSC results

SSC results

25 years ago, Abdul Hannan’s studies were stopped due to financial difficulties. When he got his SSC results, he failed the SSC examination. He started a tea shop with his parents. Focus on the family. However, his strong desire to get rid of the gloom of failure forced him to sit for the SSC exam with his daughter.

Halima Khatun passed that exam. But Abdul Hannan failed again. But he did not break down. He challenged the SSC results before the education board with confidence. He was recently successful in his revaluation. He even surpassed his daughter in the results.

Abdul Hannan is a resident of Narayanpur village in Lalpur Upazila in Natore. Everyone knows him as a tea seller. He came to the discussion when he sat for the SSC exam with his daughter last May. When the SSC results were released last July, Halima Khatun achieved a GPA of 3.72. But Hannan’s results came in vain. Everyone in the family is upset. Abdul Hannan could not accept this result. He appealed to the Board of Technical Education to re-evaluate his results. The board authority declared him successful in the revaluation of the result. His grade is GPA-4.07.

Now Abdul Hannan wants to continue his studies. He told Mynewsbd, ‘Now I am 40 years old. Nothing comes or goes. I will enroll in college. Besides selling tea, I will study regularly. I will be educated in higher education. I may not get a job because of my age, But I can become an educated tea seller.’

For daughter Halima Khatun, it was very difficult for her father to fail again after 25 years. He passed, but never once spoke to his father about it. Hearing the news of Baba’s passing in the revaluation of SSC results, a happy Halima hugs Baba and cries. Regarding her father’s advancement in grading, Halima says, ‘Father has talent. His willpower is also strong. Maybe he was competing with me inside. That’s what I thought after seeing the end result.’

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