51 killed in Israeli attack on Gaza’s Magazi refugee camp

51 killed in Israeli attack on Gaza's Magazi refugee camp

Palestinian news agency Wafa reported that 51 Palestinians, including women and children, were killed in Israel’s latest bombing of the Magazi refugee camp in Gaza.Earlier, Al Jazeera reported that two residential houses were extensively destroyed in the attack on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on Biden for a cease-fire in Gaza. Thousands of people gathered in central Washington, DC on Saturday. They meet at Freedom Square. Several speeches were made and then a 2 km march to the White House.
US President Joe Biden says progress has been made in securing a ‘humanitarian pause’ in the war between Israel and Hamas.

His foreign minister is reportedly working on the same issue in the Middle East.Asked if there had been any progress on the matter, Biden responded with a thumbs-up before leaving a church in Delaware and getting into his car. He did not elaborate on this.

refugee camp

refugee camp

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