Awami League does not have a history of fleeing the country, BNP does

Awami League does not have a history of fleeing the country, BNP does My News Bangladesh

Awami League Joint General Secretary Mahbubul Alam Hanif MP said that foreigners also have conspiracy and fuel with BNP rally. After cheating the people of the country, BNP is now luring party leaders and workers to Dhaka in the name of rally. Actually the result is null.

Hanif also said that the Awami League government is led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, according to the constitution this government will remain during the election period and the election will be held under this government. Awami League does not have a history of fleeing the country, BNP does. BNP’s top leader Tariq Rahman is still on the run. He has left the country on bond from politics. Threatening the leaders and workers of the party whose top leader flees from politics on bond is ridiculous and incoherent.

He said this in response to questions from reporters after planting saplings of various fruit trees in Kushtia Shilpakala Academy Auditorium premises on Tuesday.

Hanif said, if a foreign ambassador rushes to various offices of the government around the gathering of a political party, then it should be understood that they have fuel, they have some interests. But these conspiracies against the government will not be of any use. The foundation of this government is the people. As long as the people’s support is there, no force can move this government.
In response to another question, Hanif said that the US organization IR conducted a survey and found that 70% of the people of the country think that Sheikh Hasina’s government is running the country in the right direction. They have confidence in Sheikh Hasina. Therefore, nothing can be done by these movements against the government in which 70 percent of the people have confidence.

Stating that Awami League leaders and activists are always in the field, this leader of Awami League said that there is a special group of foreigners fueling this general assembly of BNP. But no conspiracy will succeed. Because people are with Awami League. Even before this, the BNP government has started a movement to bring down the government. That December 10 has passed. They said, if the government does not fall by October 18, they will wear bangles. The people of the country do not think about these talks, neither does the Awami League. BNP gives false assurances to energize its cadres. Awami League is not worried about anything.

District Awami League Joint General Secretary Advocate Sheikh Hasan Mehdi, Organizing Secretary Amjad Hossain Raju, Shilpakala Academy General Secretary Amirul Islam and other Awami League leaders and activists were present on the occasion.

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