Citizens were warned by the US Embassy about the election

Citizens were warned by the US Embassy about the election

On the eve of the 12th National Assembly elections, the US Embassy in Dhaka has issued a warning to American residents living in Bangladesh.

During the election day, as well as for a few days or even weeks following the election, there is a possibility that violence may take place without any prior warning or short notice, according to the warning that was issued on the website of the embassy. For these reasons, people of the United States need to exercise caution while they are in the area of any huge crowds.

On the day of the election, which is January 7, it was also stated that the United States Embassy in Dhaka would be closed. On this particular day, the people who live in the United States of America need to exercise caution and keep in mind that even if the scenario is meant to be peaceful, it has the potential to become confrontational and violent at any given time.

US residents who are currently residing in Bangladesh are strongly encouraged to assess their own personal security concerns, be vigilant about local events, and keep a close check on the local media for any changes.

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