Domed Dinajpur mosque stands the test of time

Domed Dinajpur mosque stands the take a look at of time

Domed Dinajpur mosque stands the test of time.The dome of a mosque in Dinajpur that was constructed during the Mughal era about 400 years ago remains as a testament to the passage of time. However, with the completion of the refurbishment, the centuries-old workmanship is no longer there.

In spite of the fact that there are no prayers taking place there at this time, two Eid congregations are gathered in the plaza in front of the mosque.

The mosque is the subject of a significant number of urban legends. The mosque is now being passed down from one generation to the next. It is possible for four or five persons to pray in two rows within the mosque.

It is known that it was erected between the years 1010 Bengal and 1604 AD from the plaques that were found on the privately constructed mosque at the time amid the numerous trees. 2011 by the Sanskrit calendar. But there is also a reforming of the plaque. 5 kilometers of road separate the town of Birganj in Dinajpur from the hamlet of Bhavki inside the Bhognagar union. There are a great number of individuals that are curious about this mosque. But nobody understands quite as much as you do about this.

The people who live in this area are very sure that this mosque is the tiniest mosque in all of Bangladesh. It is not known that there is any location in the nation that has such a little and antique mosque.

According to the local elder Tafizul Alam, we have been seeing this since we were children. Prayers are no longer held at the mosque due of its inability to accommodate a large congregation. But before that, the people who originally founded it would come here to pray. The people who live in this region, on the other hand, have their Eid prayers on the open space in front of the mosque.

In addition to that, he said that one of my ancestors constructed this mosque on their own. He was well-known by the title of Imam Pir. The mosque was completely leveled. In later years, it had a makeover.

In addition, annual maintenance is performed to keep the innovative spirit alive. The mosque is located on a land plot that is 5 bighas in size. There is a huge pond located behind the mosque, in addition to an old burial that is located close to it. 2011 was the year when the mosque underwent renovations.

Domed Dinajpur mosque stands the test of time

Domed Dinajpur mosque stands the test of time Domed Dinajpur mosque stands the test of time

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