Dr. received a 6-month prison sentence. Yunus bail


The chairman of Grameen Telecom who was sentenced to prison in the case of violation of the labor law, Nobel winner Dr. The labor court granted one month bail to four accused including Muhammad Yunus on the condition of appeal.

Before this Dr. Labor court judge Sheikh Marina Sultana sentenced four people including Yunus to six months imprisonment and fine. The court granted them bail within 5 minutes of announcing the verdict.The court granted their bail application after announcing the sentence of the four on Monday.

The other three defendants are MD of Grameen Telecom. Ashraful Hasan, Director Nurjahan Begum and Md. Shah Jahan

The observation of the judgment said, “The prosecution presented a complimentary statement about the accused number one. Where he has been called a Nobel laureate international figure fighting poverty. But Nobel laureate Yunus is not being tried in this court, he is being tried as the chairman of Gramin Telecom.’

Around 2:15 PM, the judge of Dhaka Labor Court-3 started announcing the 84-page verdict. Prominent citizens and human rights activists attended the court to hear the verdict.

On December 24 last year, after presenting the arguments of both sides in this case, the court fixed today for the verdict.

Testimony in the case began on August 22. After taking the testimony, the defendants gave a statement in defense on November 8. Arguments in the case began thereafter. After 10 days of presentation of arguments, the judgment day is announced.

On May 8, Dr. The Appellate Division dismissed Muhammad Yunus’s leave to appeal. Then on June 6, the court ordered the trial by framing charges against him.

On September 9, 2021, in the Third Labor Court of Dhaka, Arifuzzaman, the labor inspector of the Directorate of Factories and Institutions, became the plaintiff. He filed this case against four people including Yunus.

In the case, allegations were made under Section 4 of 7, 8, 117 and 234 of the Labor Act for non-deposit of specific dividends to the Labor Welfare Foundation, non-permanent employment of workers, non-encashment of public holidays.

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