Government today has become disorganized: Colonel Oli

Government today has become disorganized: Colonel Oli

Colonel Oli:Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) President Dr. Colonel (retd) Oli Ahmad (Vir Bikram) said that the government which has been holding power for fifteen years has become disorganized today. There is no accountability anywhere. Law and judiciary fail to protect public interest. Corruption in every sphere of administration. Lust for power transcends all dimensions. There is no freedom of speech in the country. People are held hostage by the fear of various black laws. Still we are fighting for constitutional and democratic rights. Because, politics for the welfare of the people, not the people for the sake of politics. 

He said these things in a press statement on Tuesday.Ali Ahmad said, the government has mobilized the entire administration to suppress us. The law-enforcement police, RAB, BGB, courts and jails are spending hundreds of crores of rupees. This money could have been spent on the employment of the workers. Who will give the answer to why the state resources are being looted like this?

He said that the economy of Bangladesh is under threat today, the workers are on strike, hundreds of garments are closed. Dollar reserves are critical. People struggle to live with their self-respect as commodity prices rise. Therefore, I call upon the government to stop torturing the opposition party leaders, withdraw the false and absentee cases, and stop unjustly punishing them. BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir and LDP Secretary General Dr. Free opposition party leaders including Redwan Ahmed from illegal jail-oppression-punishment. 

Colonel Oli said, will peace and order return to the country by holding the people of the country hostage? History does not bear witness to that. The sovereignty of the country should be given priority. Constitutional rights, human rights and suffrage must be guaranteed. Consider the country’s economy and the problems of the poor working people. There is a need to think coldly about saving the country from destruction. 

Ali Ahmad said, I am appealing to all the political parties of Bangladesh, big and small, from our respective places, we all have to rise above greed and protect democracy. The idea of ​​choosing a share-cropper by abusing administrative power should be avoided. 

I appeal to everyone in the country to pave the way for democracy by participating in our peaceful programs with courage. Don’t be afraid. An important achievement in human life is self-esteem. Think about what will happen if you lose that respect. Your silence will push the country towards destruction. Speak up for your civil rights. Otherwise no one will find a way out of this problem. Everything will be destroyed with the sigh of the oppressed and toiling people of the country. No one will be saved from the judgment of Almighty Allah.

Colonel Oli

Colonel Oli Colonel Oli

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