Humanitarian aid is entering Gaza from Egypt

Humanitarian aid is entering Gaza from Egypt My News Bangladesh

Humanitarian aid has begun entering Gaza from Egypt. Aid trucks and lorries from Egypt crossed the Rafah border into Gaza today Saturday. An Egyptian Red Crescent official confirmed the news to AFP. Egyptian TV showed trucks crossing the border gate on the 15th day of the Israel-Hamas war. Israel does not control this one border. Israel allowed the aid to arrive from Egypt at the request of its top ally, the United States. As a result, 20 trucks entered with relief.

On the other hand, an AFP journalist from the Palestinian side said they saw 36 empty trailers entering the terminal. Then it moved towards Egypt. These reliefs are supposed to be loaded and carried from there. Four ambulances, two UN vehicles and two Red Cross vehicles were seen rushing towards the terminal.

On the other hand, the cargo is deposited on the Egyptian side at the Rafah border in Egypt by air and truck in a few days.These reliefs could not reach Gaza due to the ongoing war.

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