32 Students of Same Class dead in Morocco Earthquake

32 Students of the Same Class Dead in Morocco Earthquake

The death toll exceeds 3,000 after a powerful Morocco earthquake hits central Africa Every village in that region has become a death pit. Several days after the earthquake, the heartbreaking incident at a village school called Adasal is still moving everyone. 32 students of the same class at the village school died in the earthquake. The students were all between the ages of 6 and 12, the BBC reported.

Nesrin Abu Elfadel, a language teacher at the school, said she was in Marrakesh when the Morocco earthquake struck. The school is located a little further away in Adasale. He returned to Adasal immediately after the earthquake. He said that when he went to that village and inquired about the children, he came to know that 32 students of the same class of his school had died.

One of the students who died was 6-year-old Khadija. Elfadel said rescuers first found Khadija’s body. Then they saw the dead bodies of his brother Mohammad and his two sisters Mena and Hanan, lying on the side. Then they recovered the bodies of 31 more students of the school one by one.

He said that just five hours before the Morocco earthquake, he took the class of the students. He then went to the nearby Marrakesh area. After the earthquake, he returned to the affected area and became memorable.

According to a government statement, a total of 530 educational institutions in the region were affected by the Morocco earthquake. Some of which have completely collapsed.

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