No tension with America: Foreign Minister

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Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said that there is no strain on Bangladesh’s relations with America. He said this while talking to reporters about the Prime Minister’s program in New York on Monday evening US local time.

At that time, the foreign minister, AK Abdul Momen, said, “Bangladesh wants to deepen relations with America while presenting the program of the Prime Minister’s visit to America.

AK Abdul Momen also commented that America, as a friendly country, discusses various issues with Bangladesh.

The minister said, ‘America wants free and fair elections in Bangladesh. The government is also determined to hold free and fair elections. The minister also mentioned that the US visa policy is applicable to those who want to disrupt the elections in Bangladesh. Momen said, ‘We want a free and fair election. That is why sincerity is needed. Advice can be given if there is a relationship of friendship. No one knows if he is an enemy. We have also taken a lot of advice from them as friends.

“Many media outlets say that our relations with America are strained. But no, our relationship with America is very sweet. US President Joe Biden wants to make this relationship stronger and stronger, said the foreign minister.

The foreign minister also said, ‘Prime Minister (Sheikh Hasina has built a community health complex in Bangladesh. As a result of these, there has been unprecedented development in the health sector of our country.

The Prime Minister and his entourage arrived in New York yesterday at 8:42 a.m. Bangladesh time to participate in the 78th General Session of the United Nations. A British Airways flight carrying them landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport. The Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to the United Nations, Mohammad Abdul Muhith, and Bangladesh’s Ambassador to the United States, Mohammad Imran, welcomed the Prime Minister with flowers at the airport.

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