Sabbir learns kidnapping and murder techniques by watching YouTube

Sabbir learns kidnapping and murder techniques by watching YouTube My News Bangladesh

People were pushing for loan money. Therefore, Sabbir Mia (21) planned to kidnap someone and collect the ransom a month and a half ago to pay off the debt. On YouTube, crime-related nationals and foreigners learn different kidnapping and murder techniques by watching the events on different channels. Using that strategy, he abducted and killed the neighbor’s child Samia (9).

Sabbir Mia sent a ‘Voice Khude Barta’ to Samia’s father and demanded a ransom of five lakh rupees. He is the son of Anwar Hossain of Dariapur Uttarpara of Sakhipur Upazila of Tangail. He used to run a small grocery store in his village. Detective police arrested him last Wednesday. Later he confessed to killing the baby Samia.

According to police sources, Samia, the daughter of Ranju Mia, a third-grade student of Dariyapur Uttarpara village, went to a private school in that village at seven in the morning on September 6. As Samia did not return even after nine in the morning, her family started searching. At 10:24 AM Samia’s father received a voicemail message from Emu ID on his mobile phone. It was reported there that Samia had been kidnapped. If you pay five lakhs, you will be released. In this regard, on September 7, Ranju Mia filed a case as a plaintiff at Sakhipur police station. The next day on September 8, Samia’s body was found buried in mud in a paddy field one kilometer away from Samia’s house.

According to police sources, an investigation team was formed to unravel the mystery of the kidnapping and murder techniques, comprising the district detective police and Sakhipur police station. A member associated with the investigation team said that Sabbir’s mobile phone set was identified using IT. Sabbir has a good understanding of IT. Sabbir was detained by the detective police on Wednesday for questioning. Later Sabbir informed the detective about the incident.

District Intelligence Police Deputy Inspector (SI) Md. Ahsanuzzaman said that during interrogation, Sabbir said that he was in dire need of money to repay the debt. For this, a month and a half ago, he decided to kidnap and take ransom. Pay the loan with that money. He used to watch various kidnapping and ransom incidents on YouTube to experience kidnapping and murder techniques. By looking at them, you will have to kidnap someone’s child who can afford to pay on demand. Apart from this, if someone is kidnapped and released with a ransom, he will be in danger later. So he decided to kidnap and kill based on the experience he saw on YouTube. Take the ransom later.

During the interrogation, Sabbir told the police that Samia was abducted and killed. Samia used to go to school every day in front of his shop. He decided to kidnap Samiya before the incident. On September 6, Samia was returning home alone after 8 a.m. on a private road. On the way, Sabbir kidnaps him and takes him into a bamboo grove. There he tried to kill by strangulation. Samia did not die, even after holding her throat for about 10 minutes. Then he choked by twisting a rope around his neck. After the death was confirmed, Samia’s body was covered with bamboo leaves. Later, Sabbir went back home. Then he opened an EMU account on his mobile phone. He sent a voice message to Samia’s father’s mobile phone, demanding a ransom of five lakh rupees from that account. That night, Sabbir took Samia’s body from the bamboo grove and buried it in clay in the paddy field.

Sabbir learned about the app to change his voice by watching YouTube. Accordingly, he changed his voice and recorded using an app to demand ransom. Apart from this, if you leave the area, the police or local people may suspect you, as he also knew from YouTube. So he did not leave the area. I deleted all records from the phone.

On Thursday afternoon, Tangail Superintendent of Police Sarkar Mohammad Kaiser announced the arrest of Sabbir in a press conference at Sakhipur police station.

The arrested accused, Sabbir, was produced in the Tangail Judicial Magistrate Court on Friday. Investigating officer Sakhipur police station SI Masood Rana applied for a 10-day remand against Sabbir for questioning. After the hearing, Judge Senior Judicial Magistrate Monirul Islam granted him a three-day remand.

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