The establishment of an independent Palestinian state is now the most important task: Dr. Yunus

The establishment of an independent Palestinian state is now the most important task Dr. Yunus My News Bangladesh

Nobel laureate economist Dr. Muhammad Yunus said that the establishment of an independent Palestinian state is the most important task now. Delays of any kind are no longer acceptable.He said these things in a statement sent to the media by the Yunus Center on Sunday regarding the ongoing Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

The statement said that the conflict between Israel and Palestine is a long-standing problem. Israel’s treatment of the Palestinian people was compounding the problem and an explosion became inevitable. But what happened is not acceptable in any civilized society.The statement said that the formation of two separate states is the only solution to this ongoing crisis. About this

Although there is a UN resolution, it has not been implemented. There is no other option but to implement this decision to establish peace in this area.

Otherwise, no one knows where this situation will take us, the statement expressed concern. The United States can play the most important role in establishing a Palestinian state. If the United States moves quickly on this task, others will follow. The Biden administration must immediately lead the world on this very urgent and important issue.

Dr. in the statement. Yunus called on all parties involved in the conflict to immediately end hostilities. He requested all concerned to protect the safety and welfare of innocent children and civilians. He said it is now crucial to get urgent humanitarian aid to the people in need.

Dr. urged to work together to ensure uninterrupted humanitarian assistance for those in need and to ensure a supportive and meaningful environment for the establishment of lasting peace in the Palestinian territories. Yunus.

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