The government has no objection to the dialogue, but the question is with whom to dialogue: Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister

Foreign Minister Dr. AK Abdul Momen said that the government has no objection to dialogue with political parties. But there is a question about with whom the dialogue will take place. The foreign minister said that the government will evaluate the suggestion given by the friendly country.

The minister said these things in response to a question from journalists at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.The United States has called for unconditional dialogue between political parties ahead of the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections.

In this regard, the said, we have no objection to the dialogue. We do not want to destroy democracy. We will do whatever is necessary to promote democracy. If there is a need for dialogue, we will do that. But with whom to do it, there is a matter of consideration, there is a question about that.

Foreign Minister

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