There is no question of discussion with BNP: Information Minister

There is no question of discussion with BNP Information Minister My News Bangladesh

Information Minister and Broadcasting. Hasan Mahmud said, BNP is now taking the form of ultimate terrorist organization. There is no question of negotiating with them.

The information minister said these things in a briefing organized in his office at the secretariat on Monday.

The minister said, ‘Those who attack the judicial system, those who attack hospitals and burn ambulances, vandalize, those who kill the police, they can never be political parties. So BNP is not a political party now, under the leadership of Tarek, BNP is now taking the form of the ultimate terrorist organization.’

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Dr. Awami League can discuss with anyone. Hasan said, “Those who believe in democratic norms, those who respect the country’s constitution, respect the legal system, respect the judicial system, will be discussed with them.”

The information minister also said, ‘We called for a peace rally across the country on October 28. We have gathered at least 150,000 people in Dhaka city, all of them are our leaders and activists. Despite so many provocations, our leaders and activists did not step into any provocation. Rather, they have beaten many of us, starting from our women workers, and have pulled women by their clothes. And even though they ran rampant one and a half kilometers away, our activists did not go there. We have kept our activists under control.’

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