After ten years, how a lot did new banks contribute to the economic system?

After Ten Years, How A Lot Did New Banks Contribute To The Economic System My News Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s economic system is a mixed economy, combining elements of both market-based and planned economic systems. It is a developing country in South Asia, with a diverse economy driven by agriculture, manufacturing, and services sectors.

Regardless of criticism from analysts and economists and preliminary objections from the central financial institution, the federal government licensed 9 new banks in 2013. A number of the banks are presently doing effectively by way of profitability. Nonetheless, the non-performing loans of a few of them are comparatively excessive. Many of the new banks couldn’t deliver any new merchandise. To this point these banks have managed to seize 5 % of the market by way of deposits and loans.

Why might the banks not present any massive success in taking deposits? Why is the speed of defaulted loans excessive in some banks?

As we speak’s Star Newsplus talks about these urgent points

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